WiFi6 Dual Band Outdoor AP
HWAP-AX880 is a high-performance dual band 802.11AX product that can support up to 1200Mbps at 2.4G and 2400Mbps at 5.8G. The normal power is positioned for high-density coverage and multi user access environments.
Product features:
  • Adopting dual frequency design, the maximum speed can support 3600Mbps and the maximum number of users supported is 256.

  • Adopting Qualcomm's IPQ8072 4-core CPU+4G DDR3L solution, the product's data processing is faster and more stable

  • The heat sink adopts a buckle structure design and surface nano coating treatment, resulting in more ideal heat dissipation effect

  • The RF adopts SKYWORKS FEM, suitable for high-density, multi-user environments

  • Added lightning protection board components, greatly enhancing the equipment's protective ability.

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